Bohemian crochet

27.05.2014 - 16:25 9 kommentarer

Crochet sweater here // sunglasses here // Shorts Levis/The Ragged Priest

Hi lovelies! Today is a really sunny day here in Oslo, right after I'm finished with this post I'm laying my ass out in the SUN.

Anywhooo, isn't this sweater lovely? A lot of stores are selling this one online but they aren't always like in the picture, but this one was exactly what I hoped for. And it's so wearable and easy to match. I have it in a size S.

 Shop the look...

9 kommentarer

Camilla Heindorf

27.05.2014 kl.16:58

Ser skikkelig kult ut. Stilig topp:)


27.05.2014 kl.17:02

Sykt fint antrekk!

Heidi Lill

27.05.2014 kl.17:12

Karoline: Takk, søta! :)

Heidi Lill

27.05.2014 kl.17:12

Camilla Heindorf: Tusen takk, Camilla:)


27.05.2014 kl.17:34

Du er vakker!

Heidi Lill

27.05.2014 kl.20:27

Karolinemf: takk :*


27.05.2014 kl.21:33

Så nydelig du er!


27.05.2014 kl.23:19

Looooking smashing!!!
Utrolig fint antrekk, som vanlig! :-D

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