Shredded knit

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This shredded knit is one of my casual go-tos in the closet when all else fails. It's not really oversized, but I bought it in a size L instead of XS, and I like it so much better like this. Now it's my shredded knit dress also:)

So lately I've been bit by the Kardashian bug, almost a decade too late some would say. I've seen Kim's face in the media for a lot of years now, but I never really knew who she was, or what everybody was fuzzing about. I just finished season two of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and I really love Kim's looks and personality. She's so sweet and kind, and stunning of course! And Chloe's attitude kind of reminds me of Nicole Richie's, which is cool. Except from Kim marrying Kanye I don't really know anything about what happens with the Kardashian's from 2008 and out, so this is gonna be fun. No spoilers, please! :p

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Shredded knit Weekday

Bag Marc by Marc Jacobs

Sunglasses Prada

Shoes Solestruck

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2 kommentarer

For en utrolig fin genser! Har så lyst til å begynne å se på Keeping up with the Kardashians selv! Hørt mye bra om den serien :-D

Heidi Lill

04.06.2014 kl.14:25

Katrine - Bloggdesigner: takk! ja, det er veldig gøy:) iallefall når du har sett noen episoder og kommet inn i det:)

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