januar 2018

You can be my hell

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I don't know if you're wearing me out

Or wearing me well

You can be my paradise

or you can be my hell


I wonder am I blessed

If I feel this stressed

But when we don't fight

Everything seems so right

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You're my bestfriend

And I've been yours

I just hope this thing

Will put us on the right course


No one understands us

But I don't give a fuck

I've gone with my heart

Hoping you won't tear it apart

Processed with VSCO with e4 preset

I've been hurt before

So that won't do the trick

To break me down

I need more than a kick


Are we addicted to this drama

Or is it just karma

Let us wait and see

If we are meant to be.


- Heidi Lill

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The revenge

We were Bonnie and Clyde

Sid and Nancy

So fancy

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We were supposed to be ride or die

Then I found out that was a lie

Cause you went behind my back

As soon as I found out I gave you a smack

And threw a soda in your face

Told you you were such a disgrace


You were an attention whore

And then you became a bore

So I got you back

Stabbed you in the back

But also in the front

Cause I'm not a cowardly cunt

Processed with VSCO with s5 preset

I made sure you knew I was wanted

And that made you feel so haunted

You begged me to come back

Then I got a bright idea

To just pretend

That I was your best friend

While I planned out this scheme

To make it seem

Like we were gonna live the dream


But I hated you

At the same time I loved you too

But I'm petty as fuck

I was gonna fuck you up

Before I left,

Like a grand auto theft


So when you decided to get my name 

Tattooed on your side

Of course I helped you decide

Cause I knew that it would have you dying

If I dumped you while the ink was still drying

Processed with VSCO with b2 preset

So as soon as it was done

I told you the jig was up

That you fucked up

I'm not as stupid as you think,

Cause I'm not the one covered in my ex lover's ink.


- Heidi Lill