Monday Inspo

12.05.2014 - 14:08 4 kommentarer

My soul is distraught today because of the works of alcohol, or might I say - liquour. Yesterday was hell and today I'm experiencing the aftershakes, so I have to excuse myself from the blog and life in general, and dive into one of my many self help books for pseudo morals. 

Monday's are always a pain in the neck, but this one is reinforced by grey clouds, rain and a restless mind. And I'm obsessing about the cutest thing - I want a mini antilope. Now.

All photos are from tumblr and lookbook.nu

4 kommentarer


12.05.2014 kl.14:16

Haha, det øverste bildet er av meg! Hvor fant du det?

Heidi Lill

12.05.2014 kl.14:44

Wanda: Å, så morsomt ;P Jeg hadde det i en mappe med inspobilder på dataen, så har nok funnet det på tumblr ;)

Marie Oma

12.05.2014 kl.14:51

kjempe mye fint!!! Fin mandags inspo!
Så mye fantastisk inspirasjon! Love it :-)

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