In the Berlin Zoo

While I was in Berlin I went to the zoo there, which is like the biggest one in Europe. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the aquarium part, with the sharks and alligators, ’cause we were too late, but I got some pics of the other cutie petutie animals <3

This guy’s behind was so red and swollen, I just couldn’t show it. It would be like putting him on display. I think they’re proud of it though.

Feeding time. I wanted to take this bad ass tiger cat home with me so bad.

Sleeping beauty.

Giraffes, one of my favorite animals <3 Kind of ironic, considering how short I am.


and Pumba.

This guy needs some serious moisturizer after his mud mask.

Hey there, cutie!

What’s up, Doc?

I thought this was a wax monkey or something when I first saw this little fella. This is one clean cut, perfect monkey with a long ass tail!

Hope you liked the pics, tune in later for my zoo outfit.

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